Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm sorry blog.
I have been unfaithful.
I have neglected you because I have found something that doesn't require as much thought to express myself.
Every day when I get home from school I check out the latest entries and I let the comments flow.
Oh believe me, I always have something to say!
In 20 words or less I can given my opinion, be a smart-ass or an inspiration, crack people up or at least cause a chuckle and in doing so I don't even  have to think of a title!
No one has to "leave a comment", something that proves difficult for some readers, simply hit LIKE and I know "you love me, you really love me".
It's so easy and shallow and now that school is back in session and I am working with 40 kids per day, I desire to play in the shallow end of the writing pool. I'm tired and brain dead when I finally have a minute to write.

So forgive me my infrequent posts, my 6 faithful readers... and watch for comments and likes on your F-book posts.