Monday, January 17, 2011

Sundance Film Festival... a bitter, broken dream.

Some of you know that one of the items on my "bucket list" is to attend Sundance, meaning the Film Festival.

When I say "attend Sundance", I'm not even talking about going up to Park City, trying to catch a glimpse of Ashton Kutcher, in my most stylish cold weather clothes (which would be jeans, an olive colored pea coat and Merrill boots). I just mean I want to see at least one of the films, right down here in Salt Lake, in said stylish clothes. I love Indy films, documentaries, shorts and while Netflix delivers them right to my door and I see a few at the local "art house", the Broadway Centre Theater, I've never actually seen a Festival film screened as part of the Festival.

So this year was going to be my year! I logged on early, got my username and password, registering for the chance to get Advance tickets! I would receive an  email on the 20th of December, telling me if I had been randomly chosen to line up at an appointed place and time to buy tickets. I was so excited and counted down the days til the 20th, when I eagerly checked my email and...

nothing from Sundance.

Saturday the 9th of January, I check my email in the late morning, abt. 11:30.
Hmm, something from Sundance.
"Just a reminder that tomorrow, January 9th, is your ticket day. Bring the form you received on the 20th and your i.d. to purchase your tickets at the box office at 10:30."

Bummer, but on to plan B.

I made my list of favorites and anxiously awaited the 17th of January, online Open Ticket Sales day . Lucky for me, I was off school for MLK on the 17th , enabling me to hit the site at 12:01 a.m., being in the "front of the line", so to speak.

Nothing available, everything on "wait list".

That means you get to the screening two hours before, get a number, come back one half hour before show starts, get in line numerically and see how many get in. That sounds okay, until you realize that there will be people there three hours before, to get the 2 hours-before-numbers.
What to do...
I may decide to try for a wait list. Hope for optimal weather, take one of the young'uns with me, drop them off to get in line while I find a place to park, stand in the cold for who knows how long, wish I had more stylish attire, kill 2-3 hours downtown before the show...

How long before I can get them on Netflix?


just call me jo said...

Oh, good luck. I hate waiting in lines so I'd never make it, but I know you're brave and strong. You can do it...!!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I'm with Jo, I hate standing in lines, bit I am sure that with your sheer determination you will get tickets.

Good Luck!!

dnA said...

Don't give up Cathy! I got to see an animated shorts feature set (almost a decade ago) and it was so worth it. I don't think I stood in line more than 39 minutes before hand; it wasn't on many people's A-list. Shorts are good b/c if one sucks, its over soon and the next could be better ;).

design gal said...

dang momma! I'm sorry! if i find a ticket i'll let you know!