Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is my sandwich stale?

My good friend Red Shoes told me today, "your sandwich is stale."
"Your sandwich is stale, you need a new post."
 Actually I'd been thinking about it on the way to school. I know getting new bras and a good samich will only carry an audience so far.
I know I need a new post but my thoughts are all over the place lately.
What I'd really like to talk about...are things I can't talk about. To let these thoughts out of their cage would open a window that I may never be able to fly back through, hurt the feelings of those written about, get me in trouble at work, show me for the judgemental, sarcastic person I am (deep inside). So, no deep revelations here, no snarky comments about other bloggers, no tell-alls about family or work.
I will say this:
I am too noisy. My husband complains that I'm "too loud" when I sleep. No, not "you snore." I BREATH too loud... Oh I'm sorry darling, I'll try not to breath. This, after all of the years I have put up with his horrendous snoring.
I am being asked to do more, for less, at work.
I am waking up with a start, around 4 in the morning, and feeling immediate anxiety for no reason. Well, we all know there's always a reason, but what is it?
I LOVE once again working with kids at school.
I am uneasy about my job and it's future, as in next year. Just a gut feeling, but still...
I need a haircut.
I have company coming from out of town and my stove is dirty, my new family room pillows are, as yet, pillow forms lined up over bolts of fabric on my family room floor. My sewing machine sits next to all of it, crying out for some action.
The desk chair is still not painted black and the shower curtain fabric is nestled amongst the "future pillows."
I have a crap load of things to do, but am not motivated. Carol, my visitor, won't care if I have a new shower curtain made.
I'm reading a terrific book, Half Broke Horses.
See? My thoughts are all over the place.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

That's not good, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling a little "stale",

why not start with a new hairdo, and treat yourself to something just for you...

I'm looking at a new look for my blog too..

Look forward to seeing yours if you get tochange it

just call me jo said...

I happen to empathize with random, jittery thought. My right eye is twitching even as I type because of scattered synapses. I hope your inner self finds some order, but in all reality we're all pretty squirrely at times. I kind of like you for that. One kid I used to teach put on facebook: "I'm not random. Look! A squirrel!" It's so him. I laughed and laughed...

design gal said...

If your sandwich is stale, mine is a moldy mess.

If you want me to help you with the pillows I will! xoxo

lifeinredshoes said...

Listen friend, here's a partial solution to your problems...start sleeping with the sewing machine. It doesn't give a rats rear if you even breath, and when you wake up in a panic tell yourself it's energy and sew!!!
And always remember, if you don't have anything nice to say...come sit by me;)