Thursday, June 17, 2010

2000+ Visitors, yeah!

Yippee! Woohoo!
Since I added the nifty Statcounter, I have been waiting and watching for the 2000th visitor to my blog and today, when I logged in, I was at 2011!!
2011 visitors since I added the gizmo sometime in the Spring.
2011 visitors and about 65 comments.
hmmm, I'm no mathematician, but my Windows calculator tells me that's only a 3% comment rate.
Guess your just a reserved bunch.
Or my posts are too boring to elicit a response - "oh geez! Not another boring anecdote about Cathy's so-called life."
Or most of you land on my blog accidentally - "Dang, I was tryin' to find out about the care and feedin' of my doggone acanthus plant and I end up on some gal's diary!"
Or you're offended by my political opinions - " That woman is a liberal nutcase whose ideas are not worth the time taken to write a comment!"
You're just a reserved bunch!
Anyway, thanks to all for stopping by, accidentally or not.


The Cardin's said...

I stop by on purpose! I enjoy reading your writing and thoughts! ;-) Congrats on your 2000th visitor! I got to be 2026 -- yeah!!!!!!!!

design gal said...

love your blog mom! yay on 2000!

Marla said...

I guess I'll have to get on the stick here since when I start my own brilliant blog I'm going to want YOU to comment on IT!! LOL

lifeinredshoes said...

Woo Hoo! I don't dare tally mine up, it will make me cry.

I have issued to challenge, see what you think?

Clair said...

Your blog is far from boring. And I'm not just saying this b/c you're my Aunt. I actually was thinking about this the other day, how your blog really is one of my faves. No brown nosing. You are an exceptional writer and pick really great topics. I am never disappointed when I come to read. But I sympathize with the non-commenters, I enjoy quiet reading more than making a fool out of myself with a comment that more often than not is lame-o. :)

{B} said...

I stalk your blog. mwha ha ha ha.

just call me jo said...

Yeah! You got 2000 cuz you're such a nice lady and have razor sharp wit. We visitors might not be as sharp, however, in the comment dept. Congratulations! Thanks for your comments on my blog, too.