Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Party Hor d'ovueres for dinner!

Yes, in the Cann family only the finest of organic, low sodium, fat free, health food is served!

Lets see:
Little weenies in a Blanket? check
Grape jelly meatballs? check
Hot Parmesan Spinach Artichoke dip? check
BBQ chicken mini sandwich? check
Cream cheese Roll-ups? check
Water Chestnuts wrapped in Bacon? check
Smoked Oyster and Clams? check
Chips and Dip? check

Hey!! Who brought that Vege-Tray!


design gal said...

mmmmm....little weenies!

Breezy said...


but... but... where is the tofurky?


lifeinredshoes said...

Someone always has to spoil the fun!

Breezy said...


The Cardin's said...

k - I want to be invited to THAT party! mmmmmmmmmm


That is a scream. I mean I belly laughed so hard.

Life is good! said...

if that is whats on the menu, i am coming to eat all of that healthy food! sounds delicious! ya do have to admit though a veggie platter is also great to eat if you have lots of dip!!!!!